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Being an elite athlete in the sport of OCR, and a part of a pro racing team, injuries and down time are not an option for me. I first came to Dr. Aaron with some bad knee pain. He’s got me back running again at a high level, and ready for my racing season. I now go see him every week for maintenance to my body, because just like a car, the better I maintain my body, the longer I will last. I definitely recommend checking out his chiropractic clinic for any nagging pain or injury you might have.-Lucas P.

I was having some pretty severe pain between my shoulder blades, so I went to see Dr. Wolfswinkel to see if he could help. The x-rays showed that I had a misaligned vertebrae which was putting undue pressure on my spinal cord and causing my troubles. After my first adjustment, I immediately felt a lot better, and realized that I had regained considerable strength in my arms and hands that I didn’t even notice was missing prior to treatment. Ongoing adjustments have given me my mobility back. Thank you, Dr. Aaron! -Mike B.

I am so grateful for the Naturally Chiropractic staff. They always provide a warm and welcoming environment. For years I have had chronic headaches, as well as several migraines a month. Thanks to the great attention to detail and high level of care I am headache free! I look forward to continuing with Naturally Chiropractic. -Kate E.

I was taking Excedrin Migraine 6 times a day! I was always having headaches and stiff and sore neck. I was doing this for about 3 years and it made working at a computer all day torture. I was also sick of spending the money on pills and I also knew the effect it could have on my body in a negative way. I wanted a natural way of feeling better. I wanted to have kids and knew that if I got pregnant I couldn’t take pills like that. I needed to get smart about these headaches and so I did a random search for a Chiropractor in my area and it led me to Dr. Wolfswinkel. I was skeptical because I had been battling the headaches for so long but I thought I would give it a shot. We began care and within the first two visits I felt a change. I realized i had only taken half of my regular pill popping I was used to. Within a few weeks I was done…..DONE WITH THE PILLS!! I would have a minor headache here and there but nothing that needed the pills. I am Excedrin Migraine free and headache FREE! I continue to see Dr. Wolfswinkel to maintain and control my headaches. I will forever be in his care as this has made my way of life so much easier and sustainable! I just wish someone would have educated me early on with my headaches so I could have been feeling better so much sooner! Thanks Doc! -Sherri B.

Naturally Chiropractic has been the BIGGEST game changer to my health! I started my treatment plan in May of 2016 and already have seen so much benefit. After many specialist visits, I stumbled upon Naturally Chiropractic and I am amazed at how much my health has improved in just a couple of months! I had been on a beta-block due to sinus tachycardia and also had body tremors, stomach pain and rib pain. With Dr. Aaron’s help, I have been able to get off of my medication and have actually been able to start running and working out again! I have my life back and it feels so great to not be watching from the sidelines anymore. Thanks Dr. Aaron! -Whitney P.

My wife and I have a son who is 5 years old. He has had chronic ear infections since he was 3 months old. Most kids will grow out of this phase long before 5 years old but that wasn’t the case with our son. We decided to try chiropractic care to see if that could make any improvements in either the duration or severity of his ear infections. We made a personal goal that while our son was under Dr. Wolfswinkel’s care, if he surpassed 3 head colds without an ear infection, we would believe that chiropractic treatment was helpful for him. It has been almost 1 year since we started taking him to Naturally Chiropractic and we’re pleased to report he has had NO ear infections in that time! He has had 4 normal winter colds without the presence of a painful ear infection. Dr. Wolfswinkel is always gentle with his adjustments and always willing to answer any questions. We would highly recommend Dr. Wolfswinkel at Naturally Chiropractic! -Tom B.

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-Dr. Aaron J. Wolfswinkel, D.C.